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Tips for Buying Cayman Islands Condo Rental Property

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The nature of some businesses in the Cayman Islands lends itself to frequent short-term visitors. Many people come for weeks or months at a time to see a deal through to its conclusion, or to meet with potential clients. Staying at a hotel for that time isn’t very feasible, so there is a growing demand for Cayman luxury property rentals. These rentals often have the same kinds of amenities a hotel has, with a setting and feel that is closer to home away from home.

Stamp Duties

Stamp duties are the Cayman government substitute for taxes, so your property is tax free in the traditional sense. You pay the duty at the time of sale, and again when you plan to rent the property for any extended period of time. These fees are not annual, nor are they recurring in most cases. They typically apply to documents and the transaction itself.

Property Management

Property management companies offer a valuable service to offshore investors. It’s common to maintain Cayman Islands condos year round to cater to renters, or to the family who owns the property. These companies handle all maintenance, oversee the property and collect rent for a fee. The fee is usually well worth it if you can find consistent renters, as it frees you from the personal responsibility of micro-managing the property.


The Web has provided an excellent outlet to find more visitors and temporary renters. Classified ads, short-term rental sites and vacation hubs all present an excellent outlet to attract more renters to your property.


:: RE/MAX Cayman Islands specializes in the sale of Cayman luxury real estate, including condos and residential homes on Grand Cayman and the surrounding Cayman Islands.

Ladies: How to Be Approachable to Men

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Written by New York Socials

It’s not easy being beautiful. Yes, many men are afraid to approach beautiful women. Some are afraid because they are intimated while others are afraid of rejection. So what can you do to make yourself more approachable? Here are a few tips on how to be more approachable to men.

Body Language Matters

It’s important to pay attention to the message you’re giving with your body. Avoid body language that screams “stay away,” such as not making eye contact, keeping a distance, and crossing your arms. Instead, smile. A smile is one of the best ways to show a man that you find him attractive and that you’re interested. You can learn other ways to show a man you’re interested when you join the elite dating service New York Socials.

Join the Right Crowd

Who you are with makes a big difference in how approachable you are to a man. When going out to meet men, go out with a single female friend or two at most. Don’t surround yourself with too many girlfriends, because he might get intimidated to make the first move. It’s also important not to surround yourself with male friends because it gives the wrong message. A woman surrounded by many male friends is either taken or already talking to someone she is interested in.

You Go First

Sometimes no matter what you do, it’s hard to get the man you’re interested in to approach you. When all else fails, consider making the first move. It’s okay and sometimes even desirable to approach a man first. To learn more, become a member of New York matchmaking service New York Socials.

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