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Travel necessities to pack for the next trip

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21Written by Costbuys

One thing that every regular traveler knows: every item that you choose to take on a trip has to serve a specific purpose. There is no room for items that you won’t use. It will mean taking one less item that you might find useful, and less space to bring something back. Here are some travel necessities that should be packed for the next trip:

Plastic bags

This is probably the most useful item on the list. They can be used for dirty laundry, leaky shampoo bottles or just to pack stuff in better. Utilize one of the many shopping deals to get a bulk pack.


Everything from the flight, sitting for ages and jet black could be the cause of a headache. Always pack a few painkillers to combat any long delays that might exacerbate a thumping headache.


A small notepad is ideal for when you need to note down an address, contact details or making notes of items to come back and buy from a shop. The notepad should be in your hand-luggage or wallet.

USB Flash drive

We all carry multiple copies of our travel documents and even have them on our smartphone. But sometimes, when you need to the most, a USB drive will be the fastest and easiest way to get them printed.

Neck pillow

Airlines do give pillows but these are designed for maximum comfort and neck support. It is especially useful for anyone stuck in a middle seat with nowhere to lean. You can pick these up at the airport or buy online.


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