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Hotel or Rental? Your Best Options for Grand Cayman

November 24, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

grand-cayman-aerialSo you’ve decided to book a trip to the lovely beaches of Grand Cayman, now for the big question: hotel or rental? The answer to this question could be the difference in hundreds of dollars, and an authentic experience. Here, we’ll attempt to show some of the pros and cons of both hotels and renting from Cayman Islands property leasing.


Hotels offer some excellent views of the area, and occupy some prime land space. The flipside is that apartments, condos and houses also offer the same stunning views in a property you can call your own for the duration of your stay. Kitchens, for instance, are simple pleasures you’ll love to come home to at least a few times throughout your trip. Renting a home or condo gives you those kinds of options.


Hotels offer the usual amenities, including a breakfast service, gym, pool and lounge space. Condos also offer those amenities, sometimes with breakfast served in your room. Condos may have other special touches too. Some owners, for instance, like to leave bicycles or surfboards for guests to use. That personal touch isn’t available at a hotel.


A hotel offers you a private room, a home offers you a private residence in an authentic Grand Cayman neighborhood. It might be too much space for smaller groups, like a family looking to travel on a budget, but homes offer seclusion and space to relax. That’s one of the reasons why celebrities keep coming back to Grand Cayman.

Before you book your stay, browse the Web for property management in Cayman Islands. The benefits far outweigh the usual hotel fair, and you get a unique experience instead of the same tired room.

REM Services is a Caribbean property management company that specializes in both commercial and residential properties.

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