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Why kayak tours are the best kind of boat tour

February 10, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 


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If you’re visiting from out of town, guided tours allow you to experience the local sights and wonders with a tour guide who makes the local area come alive by sharing their expertise and knowledge of facts about the specific location. Throughout the world, there are walking tours, bus tours, and boat tours, but there is only one type of boat tour that provides an experience you’ll never forget.

In places such as Washington, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii, you have the opportunity to go on guided kayak tours and explore the beautiful waterlogged nature scenes in these locations. Instead of sitting back and observing, like in traditional boat tours, you’ll get the chance to participate in your very own adventure as you paddle your way through these exotic locations at your own pace. Paddling a kayak is also a fun way to exercise, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of being free to move around in the water alongside your friends, family, or travel buddies.

Furthermore, kayaking allows you to explore places you can’t get to on foot or by car, giving you access to exclusive views and scenery you won’t see anywhere else. Kayak tour guides are also very patient and knowledgeable as they point out the exotic wildlife and natural phenomena that you’ll see up close as you glide through the water.

If you’re interested in kayaking Washington, try a 3-hour guided kayak tour from Crystal Seas. You might encounter some orca whales, bald eagles, seals, porpoises, or blue herons while you’re on your adventure of a lifetime.


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