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Activities in Abu Dhabi

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Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Abu Dhabi offers a remarkable range of activities for every segment of tourists and visitors. Families traveling together are able to enjoy family-friendly activities that are specifically targeted for younger children. This would ensure that children are entertained during the trip. Younger couples and single individuals can make the most of the diverse and exciting nightlife. Abu Dhabi is also considered one of the food capitals of the UAE. One cannot forget shopping when traveling to Abu Dhabi as the place is packed with shopping malls. If you intend to do a lot of sightseeing and stops, hiring the services of a Rent a car Abu Dhabi will be more convenient.

Al Ain Zoo

This zoo is found in the Garden City of Al Ain. It has all the impressive features of a zoo and has got an aquarium. This zoo has a collection of some of the most endangered African wildlife such as the Arabian Oryx or Arabian gazelle. Kids will also enjoy seeing the African cat exhibit and aviary. The aquarium features species from the Persian Gulf.

Dhow Cruising

This is a romantic activity that couples can indulge in. The Dhow is a traditional arabian boat. These modern vessels still wear the ancient design while at the same time being comfortable and stable. This gives the opportunity for travelers to enjoy the marine and birdlife while cruising.

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