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The Benefits of Joining a Member Program at a Car Rental Business

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Summary: Most rental car agency member programs are free to join and offer the guest a wide array of discounts and perks.

If you’ve ever rented a car before and always pass on the free member program, you’re missing out on a variety of immediate perks that could make your trip that much more luxurious. That’s right, all those car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE could’ve scored you some major points to use for your next exotic trip.

The Difference Between Frequent-Flyer Programs and Car Rental Agency Programs

Unlike your average frequent-flyer program, which only benefits you if you choose that particular airline each and every time, car rental agency member programs are free to join, do not require any form of credit check, and accrue benefits immediately.

The Perks

In addition to these free upgrades and rentals, certain member programs will allow you to avoid the counter entirely, making the process run a lot smoother and quicker.

As a matter of fact, the goal of most rental companies is to get customers in and out of their building in under a minute. That’s right, one minute. Plus, members will often have access to pre-assigned nicer vehicles to choose from, which really. What’s there not to like about it?

Say you’re renting an economy car from Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC, and want to see whether or not you can score a free upgrade. Normally, most car rental companies will ask you to pay for the upgrade itself – which by the way, you should know that free upgrades do not exist – but, you could potentially be bumped from economy to a compact simply by simply just inquiring about it. Couple this with a free membership that still accrues points as you rent, and you could be scoring some pretty sweet deals for every vacation or business trip.

How to Avoid Being Overcharged for Car Rentals

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Summary: Car rental companies like to hide certain fees in their contracts.

Planning a vacation to Abu Dhabi can be a hassle when it comes to finding a trustworthy car rental business that’s worth your time. With so many dishonest businesses, how do you differentiate one from another. Sure, the brochures may look appealing and impossible to pass down, but what really goes on when it comes time to sign the contract?

How to Find a Scam

Prices that are too good to be true may actually be a sign that you’re going to pay more in the long run. Remember, a business can advertise a certain price for a car hire in Abu Dhabi, say $20 for a premium vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to pay $20 plus tax. Additionally, there are going to be fees that may apply to you if you’re not careful. These could be anything from not filling up the gas to a certain level, insurance costs, maintenance fees, etc.

Furthermore, these can add up to an amount that’s more than five times the initial advertised rate. So, save yourself the time and the hassle and consult with them beforehand. Know what fees are applicable and have them do the work in advance. The last thing you’ll want is to find a car lease in Abu Dhabi only to be stuck with that one option due to time constraints. Needless to say, it’s likely to ruin your vacation and even leave a bad taste in your mouth. That’s not really the way you want to start your vacation.

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Top Car Rental Scams That You Can Avoid

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Car rental companies are getting trickier when it comes to their sales process.

car-rental-scam-tipsAre you planning to rent a car in Abu Dhabi for your next family vacation? It sounds like a relatively easy process right? Just handpick the car that you want, sign on the dotted line, and pay a set cost, what could go wrong? One word – everything.

If you aren’t careful, that company that you got a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi from could potentially be scamming you. And, you wouldn’t even know it! With competition always on the rise and finances always placed at the forefront of rental companies, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that these so-called “discount car rental companies” are pulling your strings. Here are some of the most common scams that people fall for.

Don’t Fall For the “Upgraded Package”

If a car rental company runs out of the class of vehicle that you have requested, they will essentially offer to upgrade you to a more expensive vehicle “for free”. As soon as you hear the word “free”, you may be intrigued. But, before they actually go through with it, they may try to talk you into paying a small transfer fee before getting the actual luxury car that was promised. Just say no.

Watch Out For “Reduced” Gas Offers

Many times car rental companies will use a tactic where they will offer you a car with a full tank for a “reduced price”. In most cases, this “reduced” price falls within pennies of the local gas stations and any unused gas that you leave in the car will go back to the company who will then re-sell it at a “reduced” price. Just take the time to fill it on your own.

For a monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi, contact Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC for the finest vehicles at the most competitive rates.

How to Book Long Term Car Rentals in the UAE

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Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car

Booking a car rental in the UAE is simple and easy.

You might think booking a long term car rental in Amman, Jordan would be a complicated process and you’d be incorrect in that assumption. Lots of people take vacations to the UAE, and many of those people stay for months at a time. If you’re not going to lease then a long term car rental makes a great deal of financial sense. Here are the things you need to know to book your rental hassle free.

Airport Service

Booking a car hire in Amman Airport couldn’t be easier. In fact, many rental agencies can supply a driver to take you around the city if you like. International travelers have to deal with the strain of jet lag, and no one wants to queue for a line after a red eye flight. Airport service makes your trip easy and simple. Step off the plane, collect your car and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Booking a Driver

Most car rentals in Jordan have the option to hire a driver as well. For newcomers, this is actually a great deal. The roads in UAE can be chaotic at times, and if you’re not used to driving on the opposite side of the street then you’re in for a surprise. Airport service also helps cut the stress of travel. You can sleep in the backseat while you’re driven to your apartment.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget insurance! There’s a good chance defensive drivers will be fine, but even they are not protected from hitting a parking barrier. Play it safe, get insurance and drive with peace of mind.

Renting a Car in Amman

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Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Have you ever made the mistake of planning a vacation, maybe one you’ve been looking forward to for months or years, only to realize you missed a couple steps and now you’re stuck with a lackluster getaway?

If you’re planning to Amman, you definitely don’t want to take this risk. Aside from all the planning you’ll need to do, the flight there will be long enough that it will be quite disappointing taking that trip back if you left Amman without doing everything you had hoped.


No matter how much you plan out the sites you’ll see, without a rental car, it will be tough to see it all. Long term car rental in Amman, Jordan could make all the difference in your trip. For an even better experience, a car with a driver in Amman, Jordan will make it even easier to get around at will. You’ll also be able to enjoy the nightlife here without having to worry about your ability to get home. Even during the day, driving around Amman can be difficult if you’re not from the area.

Thanks to your rental care, getting from your hotel to an activity or location will no longer be any issue. You’ll be able to see everything in the city you had in mind at a very affordable price.


Traveling to Amman? Then you definitely want a hotel and a list of sites to see. However, more and more people are turning to Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC for car rental in Amman too.

Activities in Abu Dhabi

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Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Abu Dhabi offers a remarkable range of activities for every segment of tourists and visitors. Families traveling together are able to enjoy family-friendly activities that are specifically targeted for younger children. This would ensure that children are entertained during the trip. Younger couples and single individuals can make the most of the diverse and exciting nightlife. Abu Dhabi is also considered one of the food capitals of the UAE. One cannot forget shopping when traveling to Abu Dhabi as the place is packed with shopping malls. If you intend to do a lot of sightseeing and stops, hiring the services of a Rent a car Abu Dhabi will be more convenient.

Al Ain Zoo

This zoo is found in the Garden City of Al Ain. It has all the impressive features of a zoo and has got an aquarium. This zoo has a collection of some of the most endangered African wildlife such as the Arabian Oryx or Arabian gazelle. Kids will also enjoy seeing the African cat exhibit and aviary. The aquarium features species from the Persian Gulf.

Dhow Cruising

This is a romantic activity that couples can indulge in. The Dhow is a traditional arabian boat. These modern vessels still wear the ancient design while at the same time being comfortable and stable. This gives the opportunity for travelers to enjoy the marine and birdlife while cruising.

Monte Carlo Rent A Car LLC specializes in services such as Car hire Abu Dhabi. For longer visits, customers can also opt for monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi.