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Why kayak tours are the best kind of boat tour

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Blog provided by Crystal Seas

If you’re visiting from out of town, guided tours allow you to experience the local sights and wonders with a tour guide who makes the local area come alive by sharing their expertise and knowledge of facts about the specific location. Throughout the world, there are walking tours, bus tours, and boat tours, but there is only one type of boat tour that provides an experience you’ll never forget.

In places such as Washington, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii, you have the opportunity to go on guided kayak tours and explore the beautiful waterlogged nature scenes in these locations. Instead of sitting back and observing, like in traditional boat tours, you’ll get the chance to participate in your very own adventure as you paddle your way through these exotic locations at your own pace. Paddling a kayak is also a fun way to exercise, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of being free to move around in the water alongside your friends, family, or travel buddies.

Furthermore, kayaking allows you to explore places you can’t get to on foot or by car, giving you access to exclusive views and scenery you won’t see anywhere else. Kayak tour guides are also very patient and knowledgeable as they point out the exotic wildlife and natural phenomena that you’ll see up close as you glide through the water.

If you’re interested in kayaking Washington, try a 3-hour guided kayak tour from Crystal Seas. You might encounter some orca whales, bald eagles, seals, porpoises, or blue herons while you’re on your adventure of a lifetime.


Why you should rent a San Juan Island vacation home instead of a hotel room

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Blog by San Juan PM

The San Juan Islands in Washington State are known for being peaceful, scenic, and full of exotic wildlife. There is a distinct lack of urban, metropolitan areas that are bustling with activity. Instead, the closest thing the islands have to a central hub is Friday Harbor, a town only one square mile in length with a population around 2,400.

Fittingly, there are many vacation homes for rental in the vicinity of Friday Harbor and other popular vacation spots in the islands. There are several reasons why you should consider choosing one of these homes over renting a hotel room.

The first reason is pricing. Vacation homes tend to be much more affordable than traditional hotels, especially when you consider the extra fees hotels usually come with. Hotels tend to charge extra for food, parking, laundry or Wi-Fi access. If you rent a vacation home, the price you see is what you have to pay for.

The second reason is comfort. Vacation houses were made for residential living, so you’ll feel all the comfort of being in your own home. You’ll have lots of space to move freely, and all the amenities you need to live, such as kitchen appliances, laundry machines, and a home kitchen for making your own meals. Furthermore, many vacation homes are pet-friendly, so you won’t need to worry about leaving your pet at home.

The third reason is availability. There is a wide array of vacation rentals available in multiple locations, many of which provide waterfront views and easy access to popular tourist locations. The chances are high that you’ll find a vacation house that caters to your specific needs.

If you’re thinking of finding a good San Juan Island house rental, be sure to visit San Juan PM for a list of properties.

Planning a visit to San Juan Islands

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If you are a tourist who is planning to visit the San Juan Island, then make sure that your journey is planned well so that you do not miss out on anything.

Orcas Island is one of the islands in San Juan Islands which you should visit. The island, just off the coast of Washington, offers you the chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of the place. Its stunning mountain tops and beautiful beaches will surely make you in awe of the place. You can go for a hike on the hills and enjoy the scenic beauty.

One of the places which must not missed is the Moran Park. This park boasts of hiking trails, lakes, waterfalls and spectacular views. You can take your time and walk around the park. On your way back, do not forget to stop at the Mountain Lake for a walk or the Cascade Falls for a quick swim. If you are the adventurous sort, you can even go for a kayaking tour at Cascade Falls and later camp at the place.

San Juan Islands are also famous for their whale watching tours. Make sure that you book a tour to have an experience of a lifetime, where you can not only enjoy the nature but also be spellbound by these majestic sea creatures. You will also get to see other marine life, which will be equally spectacular.

Article submitted by San Juan PM. Plan your San Juan Island adventure now and get ready for an incredible journey.

A complete guide to kayaking clothing in winters

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A Sea kayaking tour should be planned in such a way that you have an appropriate clothing for your trip, especially during winter. Wetsuits are perfect for a kayaking trip during this time of the year. Wetsuits are available in various thicknesses, with 2mm-3mm being the preferred thickness.

According to Crystal Seas, kayakers should remember that the wetsuit only keeps you warm in cold air and provides you with limited protection. In such case, a waterproof paddling jacket with neck and wrist gaskets and waistbands is an ideal choice. A dry top protects paddlers from cold water. Dry pants are also used by paddlers who want the added protection.

Base layers are an essential part of every kayaker’s winter gear. Since base layers are not supposed to get wet, therefore, they must be worn underneath a dry suit or dry wear. Fleece or wool caps, lightweight balaclava are also commonly used by kayakers to cover their head and face. Similarly, kayakers must make sure that they wear gloves that are durable, warm and water-resistant.

Moreover, keeping your feet warm is equally important in making your kayaking trip a successful one. Kayakers use shoes with thick rubber soles to keep their feet warm and dry.

Before going on a kayaking trip in cold weather, you can follow this useful guide that will help you choose clothing that will make you stay warm and dry. The right gear will ensure that your kayaking trip turns out to be both comfortable and enjoyable.

Common Mistakes Travelers Make When Preparing for their Trip

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Summary: Trip planning is complicated in itself. Being prepared for all types of situations can save you time, money, and potential legal trouble.

If you have plans to travel overseas any time soon, you probably know how complicated the planning process can be. With all the paperwork needed to cross international boundaries and packing the scheduling the appropriate tours, hotels, and restaurants, it becomes fairly easy to let something slip, even if you are considered experienced.

If you are new to traveling, it can become even more difficult to ensure you have everything covered when you are preparing to go. Here are some examples of common mistakes travelers make so you can avoid the reparations they cause.

Not Checking the Dates on Passports and Identification

The number one mistake travelers make is failing to look at the expiration dates on their passports. Remember, you cannot get out of the airport with an expired passport for international travel, and it becomes extremely expensive when you have to rush processing. Be sure to check the valid dates several months before you leave, so you can get the renewals processed in a timely manner, and without the extra rush fees.

Declining Travel Insurance

Traveling can be fairly complicated and include a number of logistics in itself. If you want to make sure your belongings are taken care of, you need to plan for any risks that may occur. Insurance is one thing you need to look over, even if it’s the number one option for you. It reduces risk and can be a fallback plan for you in case something goes awry. You can speak with a broker who specializes in insurance to make sure you have the appropriate coverage you need on your trip.

Blog submitted by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC: In need of a car hire in Amman Airport? Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC specializes in affordable rental cars for travelers looking to explore the wonders of the Middle East. To find out more, visit them online today.

Three Ways To Explore Abu Dhabi

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Summary: Spice up your trip to Abu Dhabi with an extended stay in the capital of UAE

For most travelers, Abu Dhabi is reserved for a day trip from Dubai or quick business visit. But this groundbreaking city has so much more to offer the intrepid travel looking to dig deeper into its rich history and culture. Discover three exciting ways to visit Abu Dhabi and get the most out of your stay in the UAE.

Budget Your Time And Wallet

Most visitors to the UAE opt for a quick day trip to Abu Dhabi with a travel agency. However, they’re like going to only hit the top 10 attractions and severely limit your time. Instead, stay for a few more days and explore on your own. With a car hire Abu Dhabi can be as easily explored on a budget by cutting out the driver fees, tips, and overcrowded hot spots.

Get In Touch With The Local Culture

After picking up you car with Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC, get off the beaten path and explore a local attraction like Mina Dhow Harbour, a lively market that features the finest seafood in the country. Or take an in-depth tour of the falcon hospital. Here you’ll learn about the UAE’s ancient relationship with this mighty bird. Abu Dhabi is filled with unique experiences like these and there are all well worth exploring.

Visit Abu Dhabi’s Unparalleled Museums

The UAE features some of the most amazing museums in the world, and Abu Dhabi is home to many of them. The city not only offers its own versions of the Guggenheim and Louvre, but also the high-tech Manarat Al Saadiyat, the culturally rich Warehouse 421, and the iconic Heritage Village. You can spend a week in Abu Dhabi and still have museums to explore!

Effective Maintenance Tips for any Aircraft

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Summary: Taking care of your aircraft can be time-consuming but it will keep it looking clean and soaring smoothly.


Aircrafts, from large distribution planes that move goods around the globe to small personal jets that can quickly get passengers to their destinations, all require maintenance to continue to run well. Aircrafts are large financial investments, which is why it would make sense that owners would want to do all they can to keep them clean and in great working condition.


No matter the aircraft you own there are plenty of techniques you can use to keep it in good shape.


Routine Equipment Checks


A solid way to make sure your aircraft is ready to fly is to perform regular equipment checks. Closely examine the engine, the combat fuel drop, the tires, the alert signals, and so forth. These may all seem like small details but each component plays a crucial role in the flight process. If one of them were to malfunction partway through the flight you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Creating a checklist of things to take a look at and getting in the habit of going through the list on a consistent basis, such as before each flight or once a week, can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you likely will not run into an equipment error the next time you take off.


Clean the Interior


Are there any old papers, documents, rags, or items inside the aircraft? When flying you want to limit the amount of clutter, as to help clear your mind and keep the environment free from unnecessary distractions. Organize notes from previous flights in a folder or notebook so you can easily reference them during future flights. Any items deemed unnecessary should be cleared out and the interior should be vacuumed to remove accumulated dirt or dust. If the interior has gotten so messy that you do not have space for your Turtle-Pac fuel bladder you know it is time to tidy up.


On a similar note, make sure the flashlights, headsets, and other items stored inside work and that there are backups in case something goes wrong. A clean working space can do wonders for your productivity, helping you focus more on actually flying than worrying about if you have everything you need.

Washington Sea kayaking

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Famed as one of the premier destinations for kayaking vacations, Washington Sea and the surrounding areas boast some of the best beautiful scenery on the west coast. If you are looking for a holiday and a kayaking destination on the west coast, the Washington Sea and the surrounding areas are top for the paddle.

What makes the area such a big draw for paddlers of all skill levels? There are the favorable climatic conditions, an abundance of marine life, beautiful scenery and protected waterways make this place ideal for a memorable and enjoyable Washington Sea kayaking trip. The scenery alone makes a trip out on the water worthwhile.

Even if you are on a trip to Washington just for a few days, your trip will not be complete without experience a kayaking adventure. The area boasts some of the most productive wildlife opportunities, in fact, there is more to explore in this area. Sea kayaking on the protected waterways of the San Juan Islands provides you an opportunity to see whales in the wild waters, porpoise and a host of intertidal sea creatures.

Plan out the holiday in advance and go through an operator like Crystal Seas and maximize the time you have both on and off the water. Professional tour operators take care of all the important details and provide the sort of safety you need.

How to Make Your Next Air Travel a Breeze

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Summary: Traveling can feel like a hectic experience but some techniques can be used to make the process much smoother.


The development of air travel has made it incredibly easy for people to get around the globe. No matter where you are any destination is no more than a few flights away. Arriving at the destination is where the fun begins but the actual travel process, whether you are heading out on a trip to explore Europe or if you have an important business meeting to attend in South Korea, can be stressful and time-consuming.


There are a variety of steps any person can take to make their next air travels a more comfortable experience.


Check in Ahead of Time


Before you even leave for the airport, checking in to your flight early is an easy step anyone can take to save some time. Some airlines will allow you to check in several hours ahead of time. If you choose to do so that will be one less thing you have to do once you get to the airport, saving you the headache of having to wait in line to speak to an airline employee at the desk. This can ultimately give you more time to take care of other arrangements, such as booking a short term car rental Abu Dhabi. To play it safe, do not arrive to the airport too late.


Transportation Ready for Your Arrival


After your flight lands, you will likely only be thinking about getting off the flight, picking up your luggage, and moving on with your day. To make this process easier, get in touch with a company like Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC so you will not have to worry about transportation away from the airport and to your hotel. Rather than fighting for a cab you can have a clean car ready for you nearby.

The Benefits of Joining a Member Program at a Car Rental Business

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Summary: Most rental car agency member programs are free to join and offer the guest a wide array of discounts and perks.

If you’ve ever rented a car before and always pass on the free member program, you’re missing out on a variety of immediate perks that could make your trip that much more luxurious. That’s right, all those car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE could’ve scored you some major points to use for your next exotic trip.

The Difference Between Frequent-Flyer Programs and Car Rental Agency Programs

Unlike your average frequent-flyer program, which only benefits you if you choose that particular airline each and every time, car rental agency member programs are free to join, do not require any form of credit check, and accrue benefits immediately.

The Perks

In addition to these free upgrades and rentals, certain member programs will allow you to avoid the counter entirely, making the process run a lot smoother and quicker.

As a matter of fact, the goal of most rental companies is to get customers in and out of their building in under a minute. That’s right, one minute. Plus, members will often have access to pre-assigned nicer vehicles to choose from, which really. What’s there not to like about it?

Say you’re renting an economy car from Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC, and want to see whether or not you can score a free upgrade. Normally, most car rental companies will ask you to pay for the upgrade itself – which by the way, you should know that free upgrades do not exist – but, you could potentially be bumped from economy to a compact simply by simply just inquiring about it. Couple this with a free membership that still accrues points as you rent, and you could be scoring some pretty sweet deals for every vacation or business trip.

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