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Effective Maintenance Tips for any Aircraft

August 7, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Taking care of your aircraft can be time-consuming but it will keep it looking clean and soaring smoothly.


Aircrafts, from large distribution planes that move goods around the globe to small personal jets that can quickly get passengers to their destinations, all require maintenance to continue to run well. Aircrafts are large financial investments, which is why it would make sense that owners would want to do all they can to keep them clean and in great working condition.


No matter the aircraft you own there are plenty of techniques you can use to keep it in good shape.


Routine Equipment Checks


A solid way to make sure your aircraft is ready to fly is to perform regular equipment checks. Closely examine the engine, the combat fuel drop, the tires, the alert signals, and so forth. These may all seem like small details but each component plays a crucial role in the flight process. If one of them were to malfunction partway through the flight you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Creating a checklist of things to take a look at and getting in the habit of going through the list on a consistent basis, such as before each flight or once a week, can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you likely will not run into an equipment error the next time you take off.


Clean the Interior


Are there any old papers, documents, rags, or items inside the aircraft? When flying you want to limit the amount of clutter, as to help clear your mind and keep the environment free from unnecessary distractions. Organize notes from previous flights in a folder or notebook so you can easily reference them during future flights. Any items deemed unnecessary should be cleared out and the interior should be vacuumed to remove accumulated dirt or dust. If the interior has gotten so messy that you do not have space for your Turtle-Pac fuel bladder you know it is time to tidy up.


On a similar note, make sure the flashlights, headsets, and other items stored inside work and that there are backups in case something goes wrong. A clean working space can do wonders for your productivity, helping you focus more on actually flying than worrying about if you have everything you need.

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