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Experience Meditation Castello di Milan, Italy

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Article by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch

Golden Touch was established by Zhang Xinyue in China. She is spiritual leader, teacher and mentor. She has written so much about creating abundance in your life. Her organization meets each year in some fabulous city where members come together to network and learn about meditation and how to create abundance in each area of their life.

In the past, the members have visited cities like Bell Rock, Arizona, Milan, Kuala Lumpur and Vancouver, B.C. These cities are amazing because they have a wealth of historical beauty and they are centers for strong energy vortexes.

Castello di Milan, Italy

Milan is an amazing city known for its art, museums, food, fashion industry and much more. There are countless things to see and do here. The Castello di Milan is an elegant castle built in the 15th century by nobleman Galeazzo II Visconti. Over the centuries, it has been renovated and today houses several museums and art collections including the Last Supper by Da Vinci.

Golden Touch members will enjoy their time in Milan and learn how to tap into vast supplies of spiritual energy. The landscapes and beauty of this place will help members to relax and let go of stress while discovering how to guide and direct their own personal energy. Opening up the to powerful forces in the universe allows an individual to realize their potential. Many doors and possibilities open up and Zhang Xinyue will be there to help members find their way.

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch. Golden Touch is an organization that was created by Zhang Xinyue of China. Each year, the members attend meetings in spectacular locations where they are involved in Elite training activities. Zhang Xinyue offers the teachings to help members learn how to become part of an infinite Cosmos.

Annual meetings for Golden Touch are held in Canada, Malaysia, Italy, America and other beautiful locations. Members can learn how to experience authentic joy and how to create abundance in their lives.


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