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Jet Lag Causes And Cures For Travelers

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It is the season for traveling. During this time of year, more and more people are taking to the air, leaving town for extended vacations. Cross-country travel is common, and crossing time zones can cause your body rhythms to malfunction. This is more commonly known as jet lag. Travelers all over the world will spend at least a couple days of their vacation recovering from this uncomfortable feeling. Your body will take time to adjust to the new time zone you are in. There are some common causes and cures for even the most professional of travelers.

There are a number of things that can occur aboard commercial and private jet charter planes when crossing into a different time zone. Before you even get onto a plane, your physical state can set you over the edge when it comes to suffering from jet lag. You never want to travel out of country when you are exhausted from lack of sleep, hung-over or even stressed or excited. A common problem in all commercial or executive jet charter planes is the dry, stale air. This dryness typically causes travelers headaches, dry noses, throats, and dry skin. It is a germ phobia’s worst nightmare, as it is an easy place to catch a cold. Depending on your airline, you may get a constant supply of fresh air, but it is usually too costly for most airline companies. Cabin pressure alone can cause tiredness and lethargy long before you even land, and alcohol when flying is always just a bad idea. The impact of alcohol in general is more potent when in the air, which usually means a meaner hangover when landing.

There are a number of natural ways to counter the effects of jet lag. Be sure you are prepared before you get on your flight. Alleviate any extra stress by having all your paperwork, travel, and accommodations handled before you land so that you are not worrying about it on the flight. Get enough rest and plenty of exercise and fly at the time of day that is best for you. If you have the ability to sleep well on a plane, night flying may work best. Although for some flying during the day is more suitable. Drinking lots of fluids that are non-alcoholic is vital. Staying hydrated while flying will cure a number of problems. Dehydration is common with jet lag symptoms. Also, so your body does not suffer from any unnecessary physical problems, get up and move around as much as possible during your flight. Walk up and down the aisles and stretch from time to time.

There is no certain way to avoid jet lag when crossing time zones. Being prepared and taking the advice mentioned above will help when you are on your flight. Taking it easy the first couple of days you are on vacation, letting yourself rest, eat well and have a few naps, will make the rest of your vacation time fantastic.

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